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Well, the air transport crisis continues here in London, and your hero has been stranded since Saturday.  Weather-willing, I will fly out tomorrow, but British Airways has been most unhelpful during this snowstorm flight fiasco.  Luckily, I've got cousins in the London area, and they've put me up for the past couple of days.  Fifty points each to Ben and Hannah! House Points Totals:
  • Ravenclaw: 120
  • Hufflepuff: 60
  • Gryffindor: 50
  • Slytherin: 0
You've all been great sports.  Thanks for playing.  (Everyone gets hugs, winners or no.) Anyway, since this is the term in review, I figured I'd sum up with a list of what I thought about IES.  I know I haven't given a lot of information about the programme, but I think that sort of thing is best done in retrospect. Things I Like about IES:
  • You can take a broad range of courses, great if you're a fan of the Liberal Arts.
  • Intelligent teachers, nice staff.  Most of my few complaints can be chalked up to unusual teaching styles.
  • There's not too much classwork, so you get plenty of time to explore London.
  • IES organises a lot of low-key events within London to save us the planning troubles.  There's also a weekly newsletter with information.
  • The Centre is in a great location: five minutes to the British Museum and twenty minutes to Leicester Square.
  • The continuing orientation meetings are so fun.  And there's always free food.
  • They pay for health insurance.
Things I Dislike about IES:
  • They don't pay for food, transport, books, or toilet paper.  Seriously, this was massively expensive for me (and everyone else), not to mention quite inconvenient.  The reading packets (two hundred pages of photocopies) could be done away with if they scanned everything and gave us .pdf files.
  • The recycling protocol is unclear.
  • The residence hall is in a really expensive area.  On the other hand, it's also in a really nice (and safe) area.
  • The internet sucks, although apparently this is a UK-wide problem.
  • The policy for losing your keycard sucks.  If you lock it in your room, they give you a temporary one and somehow deprogramme your and your roommate's keys.  In five minutes I can have my key out of my room; they don't have to make life difficult for my roommate too.
  • We need coversheets on all of our assignments, and the finals system is unfun.  Here, before every final the proctor would bark out, 'No eating, no drinking, pen only, backpacks at the front!' etc.  And it would be easier if we could sign one blanket coversheet at the beginning of the year.  We're not criminals.  Trust us.
  • Tiny rooms.  It's like being in the Navy but without the thrill of being on the ocean!
Overall, I enjoyed myself tremendously and learned a lot this term; it would just be unfair to leave you with the impression that everything was perfect.  If you have questions, ask in the comments, and I'll reply. [gallery link="file" order="DESC"] It's been fun, dear readers.  Michael out!
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  1. Welcome home Michael and thanks for all the posts and photos!!

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