Istanbul street eats pt. 1Rome, Spring 2011

1- Near the fishmarket in Beyoğlu you can eat freshly caught fishies straight out of the Bosphorus. Ask for a Balık ekmek or just point, and one of these guys will hook you up with a cheap and delicious fish sandwich.

2-If you’re feeling adventurous you can also score some mussels in this area. I heard these things were literally crawling with bacteria but I’m a sucker for shellfish and my man Bourdain ate them so what the hell, right? Give the guy 1TL and he’ll hand you 3 mussel shells in a row: they’re stuffed with rice and spritzed with some lemon juice. Delicious, but eat at your own risk…

3- There are tons of these fresh fruit stands all over the city, usually 1TL gets you a cup of fresh squeezed orange, pomegranate or grapefruit juice. Back in Italy we’d call this drink a spremuta, but it’s refreshing in any language.

4-These guys have become a common sight for me in Rome, Athens and now Constantinople; always hustling those chestnuts roasted over an open fire…keep on the grind homie!

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