Er BuchettoRome, Spring 2011

Today I got to do three great things: ride public transit, drink wine and eat roast pork, and all before Noon! I was looking for porchetta, and I heard that a little storefront near the central Termini train station does the best version of this classic Roman street food. They roast a pig daily at this place and you have to get there early if you want any, so I paid 1€ for a ticket and hopped on the Metro. I got a panino full of juicy pork with crispy skin, and a glass of frascati to complete the deal (3.80€ total). Maybe it was the beautiful sunny day in February, or the fact that I spent under 5 euro on the whole venture, or maybe it was just the wine; but when I walked out of Er Buchetto I was feeling real good. [gallery link="file" order="DESC"]
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