Last trip in EuropeLondon Direct Enrollment, Spring 2011

Now that I am done raving about the Rising Cock Hostel, I need to write about how great Lagos is. As I said in my last post the beaches are breathtaking. I am not just saying this because I have only gone to Cape May, New Jersey every summer since I was in diapers. I have also been to California, Florida, and South Carolina beaches and I will tell you that they are not even half as pretty as the beaches in Lagos. The thing I loved most about them is that they are hidden in between cliffs and rocks and they are some of the cleanest beaches with the bluest water. And unlike Cape May, they are free to go on! Lagos is a perfect little beach town without the commercial look and expensive prices. All of the locals told us that during the summer months it gets really busy so we were glad that we chose to go when we did. On the first day after checking into our hostel we went straight to the beach to lie out. Again, thinking that we are invincible to the sun none of us put on any sunscreen. This time it was a huge mistake. We were all so burnt that night that we couldn't even go out because we were so miserable and cold. The next morning we woke up early but it was raining a little which was actually a relief since we needed to recover from our sunburn. Mama suggested that we go to some markets so we went to a food one, where I had the juiciest orange and then one that sold everything like knock off designer bags, jewelry, scarves, underwear, the whole gamut! We were worried that everyone would be speaking Portuguese but we were pleasantly surprised that almost everyone spoke English. The next day had the best weather of the vacation so we went to a further beach that was more secluded. It was so nice because we had the whole beach to ourselves! The water was a little cold but after lying in the sun for a couple of hours it was refreshing to take a dip. We heard about a boat that takes you through the grottos so we went down to the marina to find about 15 boating companies offering to take you out. We found a company that charged only 10 Euros for an hour and a half plus snorkeling! We went through all of the grottos and then we stopped to snorkel for a little except we didn't do much snorkeling because my friend dropped her really expensive sunglasses in the water. We were all using the goggles to find them and finally 15 minutes later I found them! These are just some highlights of the trip; I'll post some of the places that we went to for those planning on visiting Lagos!  
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