Vivieron felices, Comieron perdicesBuenos Aires, Fall 2011

Oh, America, how I have missed you. My time in Buenos Aires ended two weeks ago and after spending a week more traveling around in Argentina I am now back in the states. I have yet to encounter reverse culture shock, but there are a few aspects of Argentine life that I wish I could take back with me here in the states. I miss…
  • Dulce de leche (the nectar of the Gods)
  • My host mom
  • Getting pizza with my volleyball team after games
  • The constant noise of the city
  • Taking the bus to school everyday
  • Argentina’s super relaxed copyright/download laws
  • Speaking Spanish in my everyday life
I wish…
  • U.S. change operated as it does in Argentina. I have so many nickels, dimes, and pennies that I don’t know what to do with.
  • Waitresses and salesclerks would ignore me like they did in Buenos Aires and leave me in peace
  • Alfajores were as common as other candy bars here
  • Public transportation didn’t cost ten times as much as it did in Buenos Aires
I will…
  • Continue to take Spanish. I don’t want to lose this language
  • Never take spicy food for granted again
  • Talk about Buenos Aires to anyone willing to listen
  • Go back someday.
  The feeling is a little bittersweet as I loved my past five months and abroad experience, but if there is ever a time to enjoy the United States, it is in the days leading up to Christmas. I came back to the states at the height of the consumer explosion that is the final weeks before Christmas. I went from summer to winter; school to break; an entire different culture to one that I am completely comfortable in. The states may be my home, but now my heart has a special spot reserved for a little street in the Recoleta neighborhood in Buenos Aires, situated between a park and the National Library where birds sing at 4:00 am and the women in the café chatter at 2:00 pm. If home is where the heart is, then my heart is internationally occupied. And like all great stories of childhood and journeys, I end this blog and my time in Buenos Aires with a “Happily Ever After.” Or, as they say in Argentina, “Vivieron felices, comieron perdices” (they lived happily, they ate partridges). Ciao all my readers; ciao IES; I am home.
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