Soundscape of Austria StreetBuenos Aires, Fall 2011

If you like peace and quiet, then never move to Buenos Aires.   I live off of one of the bigger streets of Buenos Aires, and with the bigger street, comes bigger noises. After one night of not being able to sleep because a thunderstorm caused someone’s car to go off for three hours, I started to record the noises that periodically happen outside my window. I also recorded some of the typical sounds around my house. So, now I present to you, Soundscapes of Austria Street: buenos aires What you are hearing in my soundbite:
  • My host mom singing (:00)
  • Traffic jam on Libertador (:01)
  • An engagement party (:09)
  • My host mom being confused while her boyfriend whistles (:24)
  • The constant car alarm (:44)
  • Host mom and boyfriend figuring out the song that was stuck in their head is La Vie en Rose (1:05)
  • Opera songs after dinner (1:12)
  • Host mom doesn’t know how to use her computer (1:26)
  • Parrots waking up at 5:00 am (1:30)
  • Host mom’s boyfriend whistling as we clean the kitchen (1:48)
  That kind of sums up my time spent living in my homestay here in Buenos Aires; there is the constant noise of the dump truck, but also nightly singing sessions in the kitchen. For every bad moment or loud noise, there is an equally good and wonderful sound or experience. One night I might go to sleep with the sound of homeless people fighting in the street below, another, to the sound of parrots singing to each other as the scent of Wisteria tree floats through my window.   Perhaps I am feeling a little bit nostalgic because it is my final week in Buenos Aires and my host mom left yesterday, which means I only have another day in the house before I leave. Or, perhaps the noises outside my apartment are the best background noise I could ask for (dump trucks included).   I’m leaning toward the latter.  
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