Looks like we made itMadrid, Summer 2010

I think I might have been made for Spain. They like to eat, and they're night owls. The Spanish schedule is very different from that of the U.S. - Lunch is a long meal served around 2 p.m., called la comida. Dinner, or la cena, is not served until 9:30 or 10:00 p.m.. Basically, people here stay up real late - I fit right in. It's only been 3 days, but we are already falling into a bit of a routine here. We're moved in, we started classes and we've able to explore a bit. Here are a few deets about my new surroundings: Apartamento: The apartment is amazing. A few of its fine qualities include: Charm - We are living in the Barrio Chamberí, also known as the traditional neighborhood of Madrid. The buildings are beautiful, and there are adorable flower shops and fruit stands everywhere. Our apartment has a very cozy, very Spanish feel to it. [gallery link="file"] Location - Good shopping is not in short supply in our neighborhood. You want it - there's a store for it. There are also many tavernas, cafes and a theater nearby. Our school is in walking distance of the apartment, and we get to pass through El Parque Oeste to get there. We live very close to two metro stations. Bus stop? Right outside our front door. Roommates - I live with four other ladies: Piedad, our RA; Hayley, a student in my program; and Paola, Amy and Stephanie, who were all students in the IES Spring program. Piedad has been incredibly helpful and doesn't judge when I start a sentence in Spanish and finish it in English. It's also really nice for Hayley and I to have Paola, Stephanie and Amy because they know so much about the city. Las Clases: I am taking a grammar course and a Spanish film class. Both professors seem cool and very knowledgeable. My grammar professor is young and has a vivacious air about her. She even played us some Spanish pop music in class. Click here to check out one of my faves. My film professor is a very passionate man, and he knows a ton about all different kinds of movies. His course might be tougher - the subject matter is much deeper, and it's three hours long. Woof. But I'm still excited! La Ciudad: Today, Hayley and I were able to travel to the heart of the city - La Puerta del Sol, which is only 5 metro stations from our apartment. We sat outside and ate lunch at a café named Iowa, funnily enough. I had a tortilla Española, which is a pie made of egg with potatoes inside. Afterward, we walked to the Plaza Mayor and grabbed churros con chocolate. How Spanish are we? This weekend, our group is taking a trip to Segovia, and Hayley and I plan to check out El Rastro, which is the open-air market on Sunday mornings. Hasta Luego, Megan
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  1. Hi Megan, How is the technology in the classrooms? Is it similar in Madrid to American classrooms? Who is their internet carrier? Are there computers in the classrooms? What is your favorite food so far?

  2. Hi John,

    We have wireless on our campus and in our apartment through the program, but I am unsure of the carrier. There are computers and printers open for our use on the campus too, and I would have to say my favorite food thus far is a Bocadillo de Chorizo, which is a sausage sandwich.

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