A typical day in Madrid is anything but typicalMadrid, Summer 2010

Take yesterday for example. It was raining and a bit chilly when I woke. Late of course, because mornings are not my strong suit. But I scurried to get dressed and headed out the door, ready - err, kind of ready - to take my first grammar exam. I shuffled through the study guides I had created as we walked our familiar walk to campus, and I regretted forgetting my umbrella. Lo and behold, I missed the memo that my test had been moved, but after some help from the IES staff, I made it just a few minutes late. Off to a great start, I know. But an hour and a half or so later, I had made it through my first Spanish Spanish exam. Hayley and I celebrated with a breakfast of chocolate-covered waffles and hot dogs (naturally) from the school's café. Our school is across the street from the Museo de América, and Hayley and I have been eager to check it out. Today was the day, we decided. My guidebook said tourists tend to overlook the Museo de América, which seemed to be true. We saw maybe two other visitors during our entire stay. But I would highly recommend that anyone visiting Madrid not pass this one up. It holds artifacts and treasures from countless expeditions to all of the Americas, starting with Columbus and onward. The museum is well laid-out, with interactive exhibits and easy-to-follow guides. It is divided into five parts: how Europe viewed America, America's reality, American societies, religion and communication. In one room, we literally walked over the world as perceived to be in the 1800's. The floor was a 3D map and the walkway was glass. I decided to linger a bit over Australia. I've always wanted to go. After the museo, the sun was shining, and it was time for a siesta. Afterward, Hayley and I had planned to visit the Monasterio Descalzas. Upon waking, however, I learned (via Facebook) that there was a surprise, secret Ke$ha (that's really how you spell it) concert at a club near my apartment. In three hours. Completely free and to enter, you had to add the company as a friend on MySpace, put them as a top friend and print it out. Weird? Yes. Was there any way I was going to miss it? No. We grabbed a quick dinner of huevos fritos con jamón, and we were off to wait in line to see the glittery animal that is Ke$ha, a line in which many people had chosen to dress like animals themselves. Normal. The concert was so much fun, and she is just as bizarre and awesome as she seems. The show ended with Ke$ha drowning the crowd in glitter that she shot from a gun, and you know how I feel about sparkles. Before the sun set, I decided to treat my sparkly self to some ice cream and walked home, adoring this wonderful city.
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  1. A wise lady once told me that you were “born to sparkle” and I see that is true in Spain as well.Sounds exciting-the journey continues. Be Safe!

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