As Time Goes ByNantes, Spring 2011

[gallery link="file" order="DESC"] One of the great things about spring is Nantes, as I've said before, is how beautiful it is. There are so many gardens and parks, and the weather is so nice that I want to spend all my time outside. My friends and I sit in the park across from IES, take walks to the boulangerie, and try to get some sun. However, springtime also means "paper time." I spent a day visiting the Saint Nazaire area with a friend. For a lot of my friends, it's irresistible to spend a couple weekends in the south of France..and then maybe take another weekend to visit another city. Somehow, time has raced by so fast that we only have a month left, papers due this week, and spring break the next. And the papers..writing one in English takes long enough, but writing in another language, even if you feel like you know it well, is hard. Everything I do equals less and less time here. I really only have one more weekend at home with my host family. So, even though I can't stop time, and I want to rush past my paper due-dates, I'm concentrating on the things I can do and visit, from walking around the huge annual carnival in the centre-ville to taking a day trip to another city. You only study in France once, right?
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