hold up on the first video blogFreiburg, Spring 2011 - Environmental Studies Program

for some reason, the video i put into my first videoblog is not loading correctly onto the website, and the website doesn't respond when i press "submit for review". I have emailed the support team and am hoping to hear back soon so i can share my experiences with you people easier. for now, know that Freiburg is absolutely incredible. The days here have been sunny and beautiful, we environmental studies students have been taking full advantage of them. We've gone hiking, exploring and just yesterday a bunch of us bought bicycles to better travel aroudn the city. I HIGHLY recommend getting a bike when you are here, the city is easily bike able, and you don't have to wait for trams and their schedules this way. The culture shock of living in a completely different country hit me pretty hard head on, but with the German intensive classes that we are automatically enrolled in through IES, i am able to understand the most basic of sentences, and can get by enough to order food and drinks at restaurants, and can understand the checkout people at our local markets. Even though i can't discuss nuclear physics with anyone here (psshtt, like i could even do that in english) I find it's pretty easy to survive with the basic german that we are learning in class. I'm adapting pretty well i think, and am totally loving my abroad experience so far. hopefully the blog people will get back to me soon so i can share some visuals with you all.
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  1. Is it warm there yet or still cool/cold? Just wondering what it’s like there in the spring.

  2. it’s warm for the most part. it was 55 degrees Fahrenheit yesterday. some times it’s still cold, but it definitely beats the North East of the United States as far as weather in March is concerned.

  3. Funny, that sounds like the weather we’re having now in the Pacific NW lol. Thank you for answering my question! :)

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