Final days in Cape TownCape Town, Fall 2011

So this next group of blog posts will be my last for this blog. My time in Cape Town has already come to an end, and I have found myself behind on keeping the world updated on my travels. Fortunately this is because my last few weeks in Cape Town were full of fun and memorable activities that left little time left over for blogging. Because of UCT’s finals schedule, I was lucky enough to have a lot of extra time at the end of the semester to go on a last burst of adventures in Cape Town. These adventures included a biking wine tour, petting cheetahs, a sunset hike, a visit to a jazz club, and exploring several of Cape Town’s more historic and interesting neighborhoods. In my next post, I’ll be giving a list of activities that all visitors to Cape Town must attempt to do before they leave. After that, I’ll talk about my re-entry to the US and then conclude with some final thoughts and advice about going abroad. Enjoy!
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