Waterfall ExpeditionSantiago, Fall 2009

[gallery link="file"] The program is winding down now and everyone is trying to squeeze in their last few hurrahs regarding travel and socializing. I went hiking in Cajon del Maipo and came upon two cascadas (or waterfalls). The area was dry and full of cacti and boulders, much like the American Southwest (except for the waterfalls). We were able to climb right in on the rocks to get close to the falls (while also getting a little wet). Our guides, like most people in South America, didn't seem to have any qualms about potential injury related law suits. This country just isn't as litigious as our own. We crossed several questionable bridges, climbed steep dirt slopes, drank water from the ground, brushed past several poisonous bushes, leaned our weight on old and rusty handrails, and lost a few hikers along the way, but the guides seemed completely relaxed about it. The lost hikers made it back (I think), but I'm glad we decided not to go rafting!
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