The Santiago WeekendSantiago, Fall 2009

Inspired by the New York Times article from last week about Santiago’s nightlife , I thought I would do a post on the events of last weekend.


6:00 pm – IES class ends

7:00 pm – Bring two friends home to our apartment and watch tv/go online and skype with family in the U.S.

8:30 pm – Dinner and birthday cake with friend and host family

Celebrating my 20th birthday with my host parents

Celebrating my 20th birthday with my host parents

10:00 pm – Use cell phones and Facebook to organize tonight’s outing

10:30 pm – Head over to another student’s apartment for a second round of cake and singing


1:00 am – Leave the apartment and walk to Av. Suecia to meet up with other IES students and a few Chilean friends. Gain free entry to “Morena” for being gringos.

2:30 am – Leave Morena and head over to a dance club (again, free entry). Dance until close.

4:00 am – Leave dance club. Exchange hugs and kisses with others before cabbing or walking home in groups of 2 and 3.

4:30 am – Say good morning to the 24hr doorman in my building, close the apartment door softly, and slip into bed.

9:00 am – Wake to a breakfast tray prepared by host mom

10:00 am – IES meeting on adaptation and how everyone is doing

12:00 pm – Tea and pastries and socializing at IES after our meeting

2:00 pm – A sleepy afternoon centered around watching movies online.

7:00 pm – Head out with a few Chilean friends to see “Super”  – the Chilean comedy that takes place exclusively in a supermarket.

9:00 pm – Leave the theater and run across town to a Chilean friend’s apartment for a gathering of new friends and an impromptu salsa lesson.

Salsa at Pablo's house

Salsa at Pablo's house


1:30 am – Take several taxis to “Background” in Providencia

3:00 am – Leave the club and share taxis home

11:00 am – Meet up with the IES student activities coordinator (who also happens to be a volunteer for Eduardo Frei’s presidential campaign) and paint a campaign sign with a few local students.

7:00 pm – Take the metro to the futbol stadium for Colo-Colo v. Cobreloa

Colo-Colo wins 2 to 1

Colo-Colo wins 2 to 1

11:00 pm – Return home


Spend the morning doing homework and then head over to a Chilean classmate’s house for an asado (bbq) involving paella, churasco, and strawberries and cream.

Pablo's patio

Pablo's patio

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