Pucha, ya know?Santiago, Fall 2009

I wrote my first post in an airport, so it's fitting to write my last in one as well. I arrived in Miami at 4:30 this morning only to find that a huge snowstorm has hit the East Coast and many flights have been canceled, including my 7am to D.C. Theoretically, I am going to leave on a 4:30pm flight, but that could change. After 8 hours of waiting, I thought I would send off my last IES post. Thank God for free wireless. I didn't really start to panic about leaving Chile for good until the last week or so, when I realized that I will definitely miss the Chilenismos and speaking Spanglish. Those back home just don't speak Chilean. I won't be able to ask my girlfriends about their pololos, and hope that the weon isn't flaite or a pokemon or a manosa quica. Sorpresa won't have the same hilarious connotation, cachai? No one will tell me to fijate po, and then burst out laughing. We won't have leisurely asados on the weekends with discussions of CRZ, and there won't be any pichangas that are super bacan. Que lata. I won't be able to commiserate with friends over what a fracaso that exam was and how fome this professor is. Our nana won't prepare once each afternoon. I'll miss the hallulla and completos. We won't discuss how to andar, pololear, prometirse, casarse, separarse, and divorciarse. There will be no more terrmotos. Chuta. Well, we're closing in on 9 hours in the Miami airport and I've just learned that all flights to D.C. have been canceled until tomorrow afternoon. I guess my study abroad adventure isn't over just yet.
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