In the ValleSantiago, Fall 2009

[gallery link="file" order="DESC"] Most students have been traveling about the country and region on their own, but a few weekends ago, IES took us on an optional field trip to La Serena in the north. Above, the President of Argentina came to visit and her plane was visible from the airport window as we waited for our flight. La Serena is known for the Valle de Elqui and the psico made there. We first visited a dam in the valle with great views. The north of Chile is also known for its attraction of astronomers and star gazing enthusiasts. We spent a late night out at an observatory looking at Jupiter's moons, our moon, and other constellations. In the southern hemisphere, all of the constellations appear upside down. Orion took on a different shape that, according to our guide, is referred to as "the shopping cart" in Chile. The valle was full of vineyards growing grapes for pisco. We also went horseback riding, visited Gabriela Mistral's memorial, ran into a herd of goats, and spent a bit of time on a hazy beach.
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