Beach weekendSantiago, Fall 2009

[gallery link="file" order="DESC"] A bunch of the girls in our group (plus two from other programs) got together to plan a weekend at the beach. We found an American who owns a condo in the Marbella resort and rents it out. Marbella is in the small coastal town of Maitencillo, a little north of Viña and Valparaiso. We had quite the adventure getting there that involved some misinformation, a tur bus, two broken down taxis, a coastal bus, some local school children, and many phone calls. Somehow, we made it there, and were immediately impressed with the view. We spent a beautiful Saturday lying on the beach all day and fortunately managing to get only slightly burned. We were quite shocked by the temperature of the water. The Pacific is ridiculously cold so swimming was not on the schedule. We found a few local stores to buy food basics and cooked as a team. It was short as everyone had to be back for class on Monday (and finding the right buses back was a whole 'nother ordeal), but we had quite a relaxing time on the beautiful coast.
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