Winding DownDublin, Summer 2011

With now less than 2 weeks left in Ireland, there's a general feeling of bated breath. For many of us, we're ready to just stick our heads in our books and work away the final days. For others its a wild frenzy of trying to pack even more in, lamenting the things that they just simply could not see. I am straddling the camps, (though truth be told, my home sickness is rearing its head in full force lately). I'm glad that I still have weekend trips and day trips planned, but I definitely am ready to see home again as soon as possible. Living in a different country for six weeks is an interesting time frame. You're here long enough to get tired of all the touristy attractions (seriously, after a certain point a castle's just a castle, and you can't put a clover on anything to call it Irish!) but six weeks also isn't long enough to truly feel like a local. I'm personally glad that I only came for a month and a half, because I don't think I could stay away from my loved ones much longer than that. I almost feel like four weeks would have been ideal, but I'm sure the six week mark is a hurdle that most full-semester students learn to cross and embrace wholeheartedly. While it would have been satisfying to head home a few days ago and race back into the arms of those I miss the most, I'm still glad I get those last remaining days to fully tick off the things I told myself I would see. I get to visit family friends in England this weekend, and I get to go see the Hill of Tara and New Grange burial site on a day trip in the last week. It will be an interesting last few days, for sure. Lots of finishing up projects, packing, cleaning, enjoying the company of the friends I've made, and embracing the places and habits I've become accustomed to in my short time here.  The next time I bob my head back up, it will all be over.
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