Navigating BerlinBerlin, Spring 2012

I have a confession. I don't have very much experience with public transportation and my sense of direction is not the best. This was my biggest fear going into studying abroad and it has been challenging finding my way around Berlin. However, after much trial and error I finally feel like I am getting used to it. Weeks one and two I approached public transportation in a pretty haphazard manner. For example, a few weeks ago I was heading back to the apartment after class. I was feeling pretty confident (unjustifiably so) in my ability to find the way back. I confidently hopped on a tram which looked familiar and people-watched on the car. Next thing I knew I was lost. I was so lost, locating myself on my map put me at two inches off the edge! I found my way home but since then I try not to zone out on public transportation. Lesson learned. While the first few weeks I felt like I got lost everyday, I am more comfortable going anywhere in Berlin now. This change has made a significant difference in my attitude about the city. Knowing the transportation makes me feel a little bit more like a Berliner. On the subject of navigating Berlin, I made a video documenting my way to the IES center every morning. I am so lucky to have such a short and picturesque trek.
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