La Vida DiariaGranada, Spring 2010

[gallery link="file"] I decided to fill this album with many of the random images I've amassed during my time in Granada. The photos depict a weekend in Nerja on the coast, the tetterias of Granada, the Alhambra, my host family, and the board of cancelled flights that I saw while trying to catch a flight to Ireland at the beginning of Iceland's volcanic debaucle.
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  1. Hi Leah, Kay said she had heard from you. Hope all is going well. Heard the volcano is doing it’s think again–I wondered what happened to your trip to Ireland.
    Same old stuff here. I spent most of the weekend working on performance reviews for staff. I find them very hard to do. I try to be fair, but some folks need a wake-up call. Maybe I do, too! I haven’t had my review yet.
    Too cold to spend much time outside, but I did get the red tulips cut back. They were beautiful this year, and because the weather turned cooler, they lasted a long time. Still have a back of daffodils.
    Miss you. When will you be home?


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