A Mosque and a CathedralGranada, Spring 2010

[gallery link="file"] After arriving in Cordoba, almost a four hour drive away, I realized that my camera was dead. I managed to take a few photos with the small amount of effort it could muster, although for a couple weeks now I thought that the pictures had not saved because they weren't visible on the memory card. But, for some strange reason they have now reappeared, and I decided it would make a good next post. This religious site in Cordoba is interesting and difficult to classify. It is a mosque, yet in the middle of the mosque there is a great cathedral. It truly represents the tolerance that Spain has held for religions other than the one in power. The site originally was a cathedral that both the muslims and the christians shared, yet Abd Al-Rahman I, an Islamic leader, bought the site to build a mosque. Once the christians were in power again in Cordoba, they kept the mosque and built a Cathedral right in the center. It produces a truly strange effect inside the building, yet it is full of incredible architecture.
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