Tomorrow is the big day!!!!!Quito, Spring 2011

...For pretty much everyone except me, I think. I'll be a few days late for the January 5th arrival date (attending a conference) but the delay just allows more time for the anticipation to build! I'm so excited to meet my host family (looked up the address on GoogleMaps...not that the street lines and park names told me very much, but I'm sure it will be an excellent place) and I can't wait to meet the other IES students and register for classes. Most of all I'm excited to get to know Quito and the Ecuadorian people, food and culture. Five months of sixty-five-degree weather sounds pretty appealing at this point, with the mounds of iced-over snow glazing the sidewalks. I know I'll learn a lot more about everything there is to see and do once I arrive, but a few pre-departure goals I have already made for this semester include: visit the Galapagos, climb a volcano, see some llamas, eat something I never thought I would ever eat, straddle the equator, hike in the Amazon, make friends for life, love my host family, and come away speaking Spanish like an Ecuadorian. So here's to new places, people, and adventures! I'm sure it's going to be an amazing semester.
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