I’ll Be There For YouMadrid, Spring 2011

I have spent the majority of this blog talking about my adventures traveling the world (or at least Europe) but I haven't spent much time talking about my people.  The people that make my days, the people that understand the bubble we live in here in Madrid, the people that will never leave my memories because they are the ones that made them.  Whether it is the person sitting next to me in the most ridiculous class of my life just trying to get me to laugh, or the person that I have lived with for the last 5 months, all of these people mean everything to me.  We have only been here for a short while, yet we have had experiences of a lifetime that we will never be able to forget.  These experiences happen while sitting in grammar class struggling to understand the subjunctive, while dancing at a club surrounding by questionable spaniards and while eating as many kebaps as possible.  Since I was little I have been able to relate better to the characters of friends than to anyone else.  Their humor, their lives and their situations get me through the day and allow me to make connections to just about situation I've ever been in.  As my neighbor/psudo sister would tell you when the show ended I cried for 3 hours because I didn't want to accept that I was getting older and that things were able to come to an end.  As one of my many connections, I feel like I may have the same reaction to the end of this semester.  I have waited years to return to this country that stole my heart, years to spend a semester in a foreign country and years to find people that share my same love of traveling.  It's hard to believe that this is all coming to an end, and I guess the best I can say or do is that I'll be there for you.  For every person that held my hand through my ridiculous fear of bus rides, for every person that I shared a laugh with about terrible communication errors and for every person that has made this semester what it has been.  I'll be there for all of you.[gallery order="DESC"]
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  1. Laura,

    I would like to preface this comment by saying that until today, I have not read a single one of your previous entries; however, after reading this entry, I am sorry that I did not start a lot sooner.

    It is so refreshing to read an introspective entry such as this one, even when this semester is rapidly coming to a close. It may sound cliche, but I have dreamed of coming to Spain practically my entire life, and now I am 4 days from returning home–it is all so surreal. And though I am certainly trying to make a conscious effort to embrace my last few days here in Madrid, as I have tried to do each and every day this semester, it is hard to do because exams are keeping me distracted, and I am truly excited to go back home. And though my distraction and excitement will probably not dissipate, I want to thank you for bringing me back down from the cloud that I am floating on right now–you helped me to remember to cherish these last remaining moments and, more importantly, those who God has so graciously blessed my life with, both here and back home.

    Thank you for always finding that way to make me laugh, and for being one of my blessings.


  2. What a beautiful blog! As a mom of a student abroad, it is great to hear of the real life connections. Congratulations on a successful experience and a lifetime of memories and friends.

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