First Impressions of Buenos Aires!!Buenos Aires, Fall 2012

After two and half weeks of being here, I’ve sat down and edited my video footage (mainly from the 1st 10 days) into a kind of cool montage! I was lazy and did it from my digital camera instead of my actual video camera, so the quality isn’t AS great, but I’ll be better next time. I wanted to show some of the really gorgeous scenes and architecture I’ve seen in just a short amount of time! I’ve been loving it here, and I’ve been loving everything about here. The weather has been rocky, which is apparently uncommon, but coming from Minnesota winters, this is nothing haha. The food, in my opinion, is great because it is steak and corn and chicken and awesome!! This weekend, I’m going with some friends to Mendoza (Argentina’s version of Napa Valley), so I plan on getting some good footage for the next video. This one is some of the picturesque, and in the future, I’m going to do some of the non picturesque because I want to show as much as I can, not just the pretty. Don’t get me wrong, I love everything about this French decorated city, but sometimes you gotta watch out for dog poop on the sidewalk amongst other things! The song is a French style tango which is fitting because the Tango may have not been popularized if it weren’t for the French!

Talk to you soon!!

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