Recap Week #6ishEuropean Union, Summer 2012

For the sake of time this post will be shorthand but include pictures for clarity…


Sun. July 1- got back at 4Am, unpacked, slept, Sarah called at 1:30 woke me up, got up started writing blogs, Alex came did Laundry, dinner at Sams, joined by Kayla (Alex’s gf) flatmates Iqui (itchy) and Matsa, ate pasta


Mon. July 2- class, nothing but reflections, enjoyed it, lunch at Mensa, back to Vauban to work on outline for 10 page paper, unsuccessful, go to dinner at Sam’s making stuffed peppers, Alex shows up, one glass of wine, good dinner, finish outline from 0:30-3:30


Mensa: Chicken Shish with Peanut Curry and Rice

Stuffed Pepper

Tue. July 3- regular classes, Alexander is good teacher, better presenter than Marcel but I doubt he’ll be as funny or cool, lunch at Mensa, Turkish language class with Batu, back to Vauban, nap, make curry with Sam, Alex, Kalya, Batu, Chris, Simon, Lisa save bowl for Liz, then hang out with Sam, record Wheit Rabbit on her MacBook says she liked it and is now a fan, hope to make the video this week or next

Mensa Meatballs


Wed. July 4- only PO 360 cuz field trip, then Mr. Sub for lunch, Alex forgot passport and phone so back to Vauban, then meet at 11:55 with Arndt, get on 8 person van similar to ride home from airport, now in France, arrive at gated, Spanish general gets in van as escort, grass basketball court, bathroom break, coffee, Eurocorps not European army and won’t be until unified European foreign affairs policy, get to Feste Mutzig, need jacket, 1st concrete, 1st electricity and telephone, machine gun over diamond ditch, lookouts armored with 4cm of iron, we walk through dark cold concrete tunnels, 4ft width, 8ft height, uneven concrete floors, wet due to humidity, the two guys that joined us one is Irish “shoulda brought me jacket”, electricity for lights, security and ventilation system, mobile armored turret, well 20 L per day per soldier on avg Europeans use over 100, oven same one as on Titanic not brick because if cracks can’t hold heat, SAW surgery room, stabilization means amputation, back home, dinner with girls at Bella Italia margherita pizza for €2.5, back to Vauban, run into Simon get ice cream, back to room, wash clothed eat picnic with flatmates, work on blog all night

Mr. Sub Pizza (the subs looked terribly boring)


Crossing the Bridge from Germany to France

Spanish General Escort

Grass Court

Mmm... Dining Hall

Only 2 Meetings


Our French Presenter

Fort de Mutzig

Overly Excited Fort Tour Guide

Machine Gun Posts



Electricity Cables

Soldiers Beds


Looks like R2-D2

Well Pump

American Soldier

French Soldiers

No Personal Space

Bella Italiana Margarita Pizza


Thurs- Wake up from hour nap, run to tram while reading, class, long but didn’t fall asleep, Mensa, then Nachslaug, Turkish class, Alex doesn’t come, I think I’m the best but Sam is just as good then Sarah starts rattling off phrases just as fast as me, nevermind, back to Vauban, then Rewe to get Nutella and Ja bread and Fresch Kase, help Christopher pack for Yard Sale at the festival, fall asleep on accident






Mensa: Pasta Salad



Fri. July 6-wake up around 1 realize accidentally fell asleep, do hw, shower, head to class, long, after Alexanders class we have briefing with Karen on Turkey trip, not as busy as BiH, beach party, single rooms w/ bathroom, then lunch at Mensa Alex joins, talks about Daughter and life in Freiburg growing up, Fish Friday! Finish Sam’s pasta, it was good too, she leaves to meet fam, her sister will stay with her, me Batu and Sarah head to Munster for wine festival, its closed so we just go to wine store instead, then Augustinaplatz, look for Sarah bathing suit but she’s too picky then #2 tram to Am Ber…. Kuntz, lake is beautiful, couples put locks on the bridge for good luck, we chill for a while, back home, nap, toss around ball with Matsa and Sarah and Daniel, party on Schonberg tonight, dinner was pasta with olive oil peppers olives and garlic sauce, Matsa old roommate shows up lives in Sweden now studying Chemstry in Vienne told us about bar where trick shots like balls on fire or costume girls get naked to put on, then get bikes, Sam and Sis Katie show up, we head out, the night was unforgettable and I’ll leave it at that, augistinaplatz, wheit rabbit, walk around and a guy invited me to go with him two girls and another guy to a party “you wanna party? We’re gonna take these girls to party” his implications were not subtle, eye wink, head nod he did all but air quotes around the word party but after he said “Im drunk” i knew his implications were all pointing in the same direction a direction i was not headed so i politely excused myself from the convo stating that i was heading to Wheit Rabbit he laughed in complete hysteria. This implied further that wheit rabbit was as lame as i perceived it to be. Back home by 4:30


Mensa Fish

The Lake





Lake Bridge

Check the fine print...

100% really?



Sat. July 7- Today is Sommerfest, i wake up blog, help Frauke set up yard sale, make rice need eggs Batu texts we head to Aldi then Rewe, roommates don’t like Aldi cuz working conditions and how the do meat / produce but so cheap, I’m all down for the environment when it doesn’t hurt my pocket, you gotta have the green to be green, go back make fried rice, eat, Sarah and Lisa join although Lisa’s vegetarian, sit outside with Batu and Sarah, watch endurance contest (hold a jug of water straight out with one hand) play volleyball, listen to music, write song for 3hrs, join party on the roof, everybody but Sam and her sister, then they show up, chill on roof, go get Fallafels, someone broke the doorknob, basement parties we go to reggae, better than techno or electronic, go to bed around 7 or 8am…


Fried Rice for Dinner


The Main Stage

So Many Booths

Endurance Contest


Falafel Booth


Broken Doorknob

The Morning After


Sun. July 8- Nothing all day then free beer at 10pm, they broke the keg so can’t save the beer and sell it so instead just give away, play German Soulja Boy then the party starts, write and sleep

Mon. July 9-

Class, last elective till back from Turkey, lunch at Bella Italia, back to room, Robert doesn’t answer, nutella sandwich, me and Sarah hike up mountain, pasta for dinner, listen to music, dance, sleep


Bella Italiana Pizza

Movie Posters

Made it to the top of the Schoenberg

Now, head back down

Tue. July 10- Class at 10:50 felt good to sleep in, print notes takes forever, kebap, lake, walk looking for shade but all we find is nudists, even tan, geese and swan not scared of ppl.. actually chasing people, then back to the rooms to chill, make BLT’s for dinner, and deviled eggs afterwards

They look so peaceful

Attack of the Swans

BLT: the ingredients

BLT: finished product

Deviled Eggs

Wed. July 11- Class, long like normal, then Mensa for Lunch, same meal as first Mensa, then back to rooms and chill, Matsa cooks Spätzle for dinner (German Macaroni and cheese), relax and pack for tomorrow… we head to Izmir, Turkey

Mensa: Texas Plate #2



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