Recap: Week #4European Union, Summer 2012

I know I’m getting a little off schedule with this blog thing but here’s a short recap of the past week. (don’t worry, I’ll do my best to give you a detailed daily account of my trip to Bosnia and Herzegovina Sat. 23-30)



Wake up late, so run to tram, pulls off just as I arrive, wave to Sam, run to get bike, pass Caroline, bike to school, get sweaty, arrive at 8:56 put down bag and go to print, try 4 diff computers, finally use the one Sarah used to find out that they changed the  printer but didn’t tell the computers, get to class, discuss notes and prepare for test, I have a long way to go, I tell Cvetelina that i don’t vote and she flips, then next class, Karin and Ulli talk about Bosnia trip, expectations, what to wear, schedule and most importantly to be emotionally ready “if you feel at anytime you cant continue let us know” then class; presentation seems to go well, afterwards lunch at Asian Restaurants, shrimp puffs and fried rice, ice cream, group decides to go to Basel, Switzerland, I’m going to stay and study, still no Caroline, back to IES to print; get email from Karin that Caroline is leaving the program; after I print go eat dinner with Sam, Sarah and Matsa, then watch Jackie Brown, get inspired to compose another EP; Matsa said he can get a camera so we can shoot a video or two while I’m here; Go to sleep.


Shrimp Puffs


Fried Rice


Sam's Specialty: Brats and Veggies


Wake up around noon because no class; go to Rewe; start laundry, its free cuz the karte machine (card reader) is broken; eat breakfast, start reading; I wonder how Switzerland is; continue reading outside on a bench; observe ppl as they walk by; dry clothes; eat dinner.


The Washer I Didn't Use


Midterm, beasted; Caroline shows up, says she should be home, family emergency, I think she may just be homesick; Run into Jimmy Palanica (another Wofford student, he was wearing a Wofford shirt) at Mensa; back to class; watch documentary Uspomene 667, very powerful; talk to Karin about helio house, send postcards, dinner clean up with Sam & Sarah.


Another Good Mensa Meal


Class, Cvetelina still wants me to vote, short presentations, talk bout 10 page essay, idk how i’m going to do it; sporcle before second class, reflect on movie, talk a bit, then get idea to go to pool next to soccer stadium tomorrow from Karin, Mensa, back to Vauban.


Koos Koos with Mild Red Curry & Vegetables and Yogurt Dressing


Class, Cvetelina’s birthday, cake, reading excercise; the economist and sex novel, the passage I read has Sarah’s name in it; “sarah place her hand gently against gis cheek… They embraced… Their clothes melted into pools on the floor… Her curves were not aligned with his canyons… something was different”; debate, midterm two 3 page essays I wrote 3 for one and 1.5 for the second, he said don’t worry bout it “you had a good presentation”; lunch by the Dreisam at Extrablatt, tomato soup and fried mushrooms; back to Vauban; go to see Helioaccidentally fall asleep; game tonight, El Bolero at 7, all except Sarah; Flammkuchen messes up Sam’s stomach, we head back; pack, sleep.


Lunch by the Dreisam


Fried Mushrooms Close


Tomato Soup Close

The Helio House (doesn't rotate very fast)

The Deadly Flammkuchen (flatbread pizza with cream cheese spinach tomatoes and onions)

It was a bit abbreviated but this concludes week #4.


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  1. Well it is good to know you are resting really well. If you can oversleep in another country and still manage to find your way, you are doing just fine. Some of the food is a bit interesting but at least you will maintain a good weight while you are there.

    Until the next blog, take care!

  2. Thinking about food, are you?

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