Day 7 (Tag Sieben)European Union, Summer 2012

Day 7

Funny how today is my 7th day and also the 1st day of classes, I feel complete, me and Sarah are in the econ elective while Batu, Caroline, Sam and Alex are in the Political Science elective, we all have the same seminar class. It is also political science and conflict stuff.  The things I don’t care much for because they are often stories and we all know that there are many sides to one story.  My opinion is that the different groups are all children in the world’s sandbox and when something happens you have to sit each child down and ask them for their side of the story.  Each story will be different, each story will have some similarities to the other stories but one thing remains certain, the truth will be lost.  Documents are lost and falsely created, events are forgotten and misremembered.  The truth will never be known. So we take the closest thing to it and run with it.  We run our countries with this false information and plan for tomorrow with it but inevitably more problems will arise and looking to the past will not help, but rather confuse us. I choose to only worry about today and tomorrow; tomorrow meaning any day that I plan to see.  I am in college because tomorrow I will have to get a job. I will get a job because tomorrow I will have a family.


After classes we eat lunch at the Mensa.


Idk what any of this was but if I had to guess; fried pork, potato balls, and white asparagus


Then we come back to the IES center and random guy and girl run in after us, they are from Texas group and just got back from Paris late for their 1st class.  We then head to German class, then research… Not good students but research for personal trips on the side, Alex plays the piano it inspires me…


Old stories of heroism

Inspire youth to prosper

Fly, like a bird

Soar, like an eagle

Their attempts to grow are all but feeble

Reach new heights

Uncharted lands

Explore territory

In danger’s hand

They find themselves fighting

Their own shadows

Their minds play tricks

Their emotions the victims


During seminar class the German guy told us that German nationalism is actually a negative thing. You’re not supposed to be proud of your country  and the first two lines of the national anthem are Illegal. Can you believe that? What if our national anthem were illegal? I could see people still singing it anyway. Regardless we finished the first day of classes and subsequently our first week in Freiburg. For dinner, we (Sarah and Sam) cook chicken and vegetables for Batu, the Turkish student.  And despite his girlfriend having forgotten his birthday, he said it was the best birthday he’d ever had. I wrote a poem for him.


Who is Batu?

Batu is Hallo

Batu is Choos

Batu is a spirit never dying

Batu is truthful, never lying

Batu is a shoulder, when you are crying

Batu is funny, even when not trying

Ladies love Batu

Men love Batu

Animals love Batu

Anyone who doesn’t love Batu hasn’t met Batu

But when you do, you will see

Batu is you, Batu is me

Batu is a man

Batu is kind

Batu is caring

Batu is a friend of mine

From cooking with Batu to biking with Batu

From dancing to Batu to hiking with Batu

Counting with Batu, eins, zwie, drie

That Batu is one hell of a guy


His response, “I love it, it is perfect.” Good end to a good day.

This concludes my first 7 days.


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  1. was machst du?

  2. Wonderful! You have always manage to brighten everyday with your wonderful gifts of words. May God continue to lead and guide you as you inspire others. By the way the food did look a bit unusual but hopefully your taste buds were right:-)

    Take care,

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