Day 5 (Tag fünf)European Union, Summer 2012

Day 5 (tag funf)

Despite the late night, we decide to get up early and go to the Munster.  They are having an organ concert and Alex wants to go.  Since Alex is meeting one the Karins to get his lost luggage (Lufthansa initially lost it when switching planes but finally found it), Batu and I are going downtown together and will meet Alex there.  We arrive at 11:33 and the show starts at 11:30 so we assume we cannot get in late and instead walk around.  Later we find out we could have walked in late, oh well.

Instead we climb a few hundred stairs to the top of the Münster.



Afterwards, we wander around the streets like tourist, stopping at all the shops and listening to the street performers.

We go to the Mensa for lunch. I have no idea what I ate, maybe beef stew and noodles?


Next we venture out to find the Beirgarten, simple a cafe surrounded by greenery that serves beer, wine and light snacks.  It took forever to find, but the view was amazing.

Afterwards I go gorcery shopping at Rewe (reve) the small grocery store near Vauban.  My roommate, Chris invites me to play basketball with some friends; Johanna, guy from Purdue, Blue shirt, Jenny, and an aggressive Frenchman.  Thats how I remember them.  Next I shower and eat dinner.  Chris and Joanna made a wonderful dinner with no meat.  I am not used to this type of meal; it was simply bread cheese and vegetables. Something I will definitely eat again while I’m here and bring back to the states with me.


After dinner, I head out to meet up with the other members of the EU 6 and find that the dorms have been transformed into vibrant murals of the night life. Each balcony had a different assortment of colors and sounds.  Although they were decorated in so many different ways, there was one common theme, party! Everyone was having fun, especially a couple guys who decided to throw water balloons at anyone (mainly girls) who were walking by.

When I meet up with the EU 6 we chill for a bit in Sam’s flat (flat is the same thing as apartment here).  Matsa, Sam’s roommate takes us to Wheit Rabbit an authentic European Electronic Techno club.  The music was a mixture of natural and artificial sounds; mostly distorted.  Alex started dancing and immediately fit in.  It was as if dancing to this music were more natural for him than breathing.  With his book bag still on, head down, his body swayed from side to side, his feet tapping to the rhythm of the techno beat.  The music consumed him, his heartbeat was replaced with the artificial electronic sounds.  This beat was calling the rest of us now, to join in and become cyborgs too.  We could not resist.


This concludes the 5th day.


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  1. I can’t wait for you to grace us with this appetizing meal. It sounds appealing. Please tell me there is a you-tube video of the dancing event………………………………….

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