Day 2 (tag zwei)European Union, Summer 2012

Day 2 (tag zwei)   I awaken, still on the plane. It is time for breakfast. [caption id="attachment_41439" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="According to my German friend, the breakfast of choice often includes bread..."]Bread, fruit, and cheese.[/caption] When I got off the plane I walked about half a mile to the train station, which luckily for me is still inside the airport. I made the train just in time. I stepped off the elevator as my train was pulling in. I proceeded on. No one stopped me to check and see if I actually had a ticket. Maybe there is more of an honor code here in Germany.  Anyhow, I proceed onward to my seat. The stares I received when I come onboard with actual luggage.  Majority of the other passengers simply have one bag, so my excess baggage clearly identifies me as a foreigner.  To escape my discomfort, I sleep.   I awake just as I am arriving at my stop, great timing.  I get off the train and proceed outside to find a taxi.  On my way I see a welcome sign. Willkommen in Freiburg Next I go find a cab.  I show him the address of where I need to go and we pack my bags into the car and head off.  That awkward moment when you ask your cab driver "How's it going? And your ears are attacked by 50 of the harshest consonants they've ever come in contact with. (He speaks no English).   When we arrive at IES  I am greeted by two beautiful American girls, slim blonde girl whose lips are smiling but eyes won’t seem to conform and the other a bit shorter, a brunette with arched eyebrows that leave every expression she makes to be a bit confusing because while her eyes and smile may say hello her eyebrows show discontent. Then inside waiting with their luggage, another pair of pretty American girls. In this pair the blonde stands out over the brunette.   Then I meet Karin, send emails back home (because I have no phone), then meet other Karin (she welcomes me and tells me about how the dorm used to be military barracks), eat best pretzel ever, go to garden       Next I meet Zach (my housing tutor) who is American born but currently studying in Freiburg (he did the program 2 yrs ago), tattoos, escaping work with graduate school, having fun in Europe. He takes me to my room.  I stay in building 160 suite 04 room 16; Chris is there now, Simon, Lisa and Lizzy are not. Yes, two female roommates and two male roommates. Chris is a recent grad going into primary education. He is still hungover from the weekend. Last week was finals so last weekend was crazy. He offers me homemade syrup drink (boiled local flowers with sugar and water, mix 1-2 ounces of syrup with 8-10 ounces of water) it’s like German Kool-Aid. Then we go on a walk, he shows me the bank and 2 grocery stores as well as organic market and restaurant that Lizzy used to work at, all within walking distance.  He rolls his own cigarettes as we walk.  All the cars are stick shift. "I would be afraid to drive an automatic."  He tells me about how the location of the student housing used to be military barracks but now changed to Green which means more expensive so many ppl have left. Why does being green take so much green? When we arrive back he makes me my 1st cup of coffee (I've had expresso shots in my Javalanche but no real coffee. We sit outside and talk while drinking coffee (which I enjoy), he rolls another cigarette. He teaches me some German phrases; Ich bin Cam, and Ich bin eine und zwanzig? Can you guess what that means? (I am Cam, I am 21) Well I got a chance to try out my newly learned German phrases on one of his friends. Later his friend invites us to play soccer. We say we'll come by later, after Chris cleans up a bit and looks for his bank card.   When he finds his card, I am just finishing unpacking my room. It just began raining, I take an umbrella that he is not sure who it belongs to. I hope they don't come looking for it while we're gone. Anyway, we stop at the ATM then hit up AlNatura, a health food store.  Chris buys some bread while I temp myself with savory samples.  Juicy sliced pineapple, freshly baked brot (that's bread), enticingly weird babyfigs.  On the way back we stopped for ice cream. It tasted more like gelato cuz it was light and fluffy. Then I go get pizza with the other 6 members of EU; Batu, Sarah and Sam whom I met earlier, Caroline and Alex. We're still missing one person (he hasn’t arrived in Freiburg nor contact the folks in Chicago) but Nina our guide knows this and we proceed anyway.   After pizza we walk around the shops then come back to the dorms. Alex and Batu go to the grocery store. Sam and Caroline go to take naps. Sarah and I continue to walk around the town. We're not tired, she's been in town for a week so her jet lag is gone and I'm an insomniac. On the way back, within 5 minutes of our dorms we get caught in the storm. Of course my umbrella turns itself inside out. So here we are squeezed underneath Sarah's one person purple polka dot umbrella running back to the dorms. Between the wind, blinding rain and crazy bicyclist I'm surprised we made it back safely. Well it’s almost dark, I guess I can go to sleep now, as long as I wake up to workout in the morning. I don't have to be at the center until 9:30. This concludes day 2.      
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