Coming home, one last look backEuropean Union, Summer 2012

Final Day; July 26, 2012

Wake up, take final with Isik, not too bad, then bbq Karen Hunn behind the grill, does a wonderful job, Almut sends Ulli’s regards, Katie from Wofford, eat mostly vegan and vegetarian but so delicious, then man of the hour… Marcel,


Marcel Quotes:

I’ve done extensive field research, I know that pub very well.

IES rules no alcohol in the rooms. There was alcohol in the fridge so I removed it and put it into me.


Then eat Isik makes Turkish coffee, we say our goodbyes and leave, I shop for 3 hrs, then clean my room, Tyler checks, then I head to the final dinner at Sam’s, after get flatmates all but Chris, he comes late, Alex then Batu leave, last tram so we head out, I say goodbye to my flatmates, 12:18 final goodbyes so sad, don’t wake me up when you leave, then run to tram Matsa hauling butt, make it, Johanneskirche, random door, chill kickback, laptop playing, chat, try to speak German, 1:31 say goodbye to Sarah Matsa and Iqui, Sam and I walk back, 2:06 say goodbye, back to room, sleep on couch, say bye to Liz one last time, head to tram, watch one pass by, I mistook 5:18 for 5:13, oops, so wait for 5:33, I hope I don’t miss train, Peter-Thumb Strauße, Weddingstraße, Heinrich Von Stefan Strauße, Reiterstrauße, Johanneskirche, Holtzmarkt, Bertholdsbrunnen, Stadttheater, Hauptbanhoff 5:50, theres my train, run down the stairs, step on, oops this is first class, back to second class, no seats, no wonder ticket was cheap, I guess I’ll stand in the doorway by the sign; Freiburg (Brsg) - Offenburg - Baden-Baden – Karlsruhe Hbf - Mannheim Hbf - Frankfurt-Flugh

Stop at bakery cafe for a Danish then head to terminal B, do the kiosk check in, go to check bags, 31.5 kilo and the limit is 23, take out all books, they would’ve been nice to read but not worth €100, then head to gate Z16, crowded already and its not even 10:30, then wait for flight, get window seat by a German student, watch John Carter, snack, sleep, dinner, then watch Hunger games, eat lunch, then watch rebel without a cause, not landing because too much traffic, safe landing, short bus ride back to the domestic terminal, meet mom and ride back home, one the way home I notice the amount of American flags, could be due to the Olympics, regardless it feels good to be home.



Farewell BBQ

Karin on the Grill

my plate

Heart of the City

Last Dinner with the EU 5

Fancy Cake for Dessert

Plane Tickets

Lufthansa Pasta Dinner


I think its a Turkey Ciabatta

so high up the window started to freeze

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  1. Cameron, I cannot thank you enough for the fantastic travelogue of your IES summer! The pictures were beautiful, and your comments and descriptions were great (you made us all hungry with your food photos). You have captured much of the EU5′s group personality. Thanks for the shout out during the Turkey trip, too!
    Well, I will miss your blog now that the you 5 have dispersed. If you ever want to travel (and blog) to the SF Bay Area, we would love to show you around.
    All the best to you as you return to school.
    Thanks again,
    Linda (Sarah’s mom)

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