Bosnia Trip – Day 8European Union, Summer 2012

Bosnia Trip:
Day 8:
I apologize for the lateness. Ive been busy… no really, I’ve been working… Kinda.

Anyway we wake up around 9:30. Shower and eat breakfast, Alex and Batu rush down to breakfast because they think it ends at 10. Sam, Sarah and I chill because I’m sure it ends at 11 on Weekends. After breakfast we have our closing meeting with Samira. She is very knowledgeable but at the end of the day I believe she is biased not only due to her experiences experiences but also her job. On the other hand we’re all biased due to something. After the meeting we check out and head to grab lunch. The  girls get Vegetarian, Alex eats alone and reads at traditional restaurant, Batu and Marcel eat at one of the cheap traditional restaurants we went to earlier. I decide to shop, it takes forever to get souvenirs. Haggling is not one of my strong suits.  Its hard especially when the shop owners don’t know much English. I have one more thing to get but not enough money so I trade Alex 10 Euros for 20 KM to get my last set of souvenirs, it was cheaper than going to the ATM. This is where I would include a picture of the souvenirs but I don’t want to give away the surprise, mom would definitely know which one is here.
I bargain for my personal souvenir then meet up with the group in the lobby. I’m one minute late 15:21. Not too bad considering the heat and haggling.

We walk to the corner of the drugstore and convenience store to wait for our bus. Our flight leaves at 19:40 but were going to the tunnel museum, one of the underground safe havens during the war. We don’t know how far the museum is or how long it will take to tour so we plan to leave at 3:30. Here it is almost 3:40 and no bus. Marcel calls the bus service and they are under the impression that we wanted to be picked up at 16:00. With that being said it is decided that in order to not miss our flight, which I remind you is not for nearly 3.5 hours, we must skip the tunnel museum.  I would have loved to see it. Anyway while we wait for the bus I snack on some nectarines I stashed away during breakfast.
Eventually our bus arrives and we get to the airport at 4:30 and get through security by 4:50, just 10 minutes shy of 3 hours before our flight. We wait for the next 2.5 hours to board plane.  The Sarajevo airport is tiny, it only has 5 gates. Nonetheless our plane is delayed 10 minutes, at least we’re in better shape than the Istanbul flight which was supposed to leave 20 minutes ago and the passengers are still waiting.  To pass the time I decide to walk around. I get a few strangle looks but that is expected, my entire week in BiH I can only remember seeing 2 people my completion.  I sit down to read a magazine. An announcement comes on, I look at the screen and our flight is delayed 15 minutes.  I hope there’s not a storm.
My inquisitions spark my appetite and I go over to the snack bar.  I get Sam an Orangina, it is basically orange soda. Its ok but not worth the 5.50 for only .3L. Batu and Alex are at the bar, they just finished a “terrible sandwich.” Its airport food, what do you expect. Afterwards Batu looks for place to smoke and the police officer tells him to “smoke in toilet there are no cameras.” That’s a direct quote, I’m serious the police told Batu a way to break the rules. I understand this may be due to a variety of factors; the police officer may also smoke, as smoking is common in Europe and understand that sometimes you just need to light one. It could also be due to the fact Batu is Turkish and the Turkish police train the BiH police, something we learned in class, and the officer may have a higher level of respect for the Turks.

For the sake of time the next portion will be shorthand…

Eventually we board the plane, takeoff at 7:45, 20 mins late, no turbulance, blt & mars for €6, storm so we don’t land in Stuttgart but Karlsruhe at 9:25, wait refill and get clearance to return, ppl clap, Sam starts complaining about the plane landing, refueling, wait for a gate, wait for ppl to work gate, get to Stuttgart and try not to miss our bus, meanwhile babies crying, kids still kicking my seat, flight attendant uses bad choice of words… “if we survive to Stuttgart”, Sarah starts complaining in response to Sam, Batu is scared, gripping Alex’s arm, the plane starts moving again around 10:30, wait the storm caught up to us; “we’re in the eye of the tiger storm”- Sam, lightning every few seconds, we take off at 10:57; wing flapping like crazy, turbulence, shaking, we laugh, surprisingly kids stop kicking he’s sleep with a lollipop in mouth, pilot says we’re over Strasbourg headed to Black Forest area but a ton of planes so we’re stuck in air traffic, flying through storms, I am officially afraid now, wing disappears in fog, plane shakes, feel weightlessness, Sarah and Sam hold hands/knees (Sams hands are sweaty so Sarah holds her knee) i wonder if well have class Monday, we will be on the ground in ten minutes, land at 11:31, round of applause, ppl rush to get off plane then on bus and through passport check, people walk up to front of line and show  their sleeping child as if it is a VIP pass {look at my baby now let me in front of u} finally up to window and passport control asks a ton of questions what is the reason for your stay? how long? return ticket?, i guess they’re worried about the illegal immigrants, then get bags, its 12:05 Alex and Batu haven’t made it through passport check, finally they come through, we say goodbye to Sara from Ireland, get on bus fall asleep, drop Karin off, make it to Vauban, unpack, eat nilla wafers and nutella and sleep.


This concludes the 8th and Final Day of the Bosnia Trip


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  1. … “if we survive to Stuttgart” – glad you did!

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