Me Encanta BarcaBarcelona, Spring 2012

I don't know if it is possible to love a city this much after a mere 9 days... and yet I think I do.  Barcelona is one of the coolest cities I have seen and I know there is much more exploring and learning to do.  Barcelona is a combination of what I consider three perfect destination sites rolled up into one city.  Here I am able to enjoy the crazy city lifestyle, walk a little further and see the unreal sight of mile long beaches welcoming the waves of the Mediterranean Sea, and lastly beautiful mountains are in the distance everywhere I turn. Sounds pretty amazing right? All of my worries before arriving here are erased.  This is already such a wonderful experience and I cannot wait to see what these next four months have in store for me.

Still I've noticed a couple differences that might take a little adjusting.  First would be my experience while grocery shopping.  Since I'm living in an apartment I am responsible for buying and making my own food.  I would say my Spanish is decent but not entirely helpful when it comes down to reading the ingredients to determine what I'm buying.  Also, they don't refrigerate eggs or milk here... this seems weird to me but I haven't gotten sick yet! Barcelona has the most delicious (and huge!) fruits and vegetables.  There are many markets here and I absolutely love shopping around them.  Also, there is no dryer in my apartment for laundry.  While we do have a washer it is very tiny compared to back home.  I have to hang my clothes outside on the little terrace to dry.  I am a little worried all my clothes will blow away with the wind though.  This has not been a problem yet, but instead forgetting to bring my laundry inside on the one day it rained!

I've started to do a little sightseeing.  I went on a bike tour and gourmet walking tour to become better aquainted with the city and food.  This weekend I plan on seeing the Montjuic Mountain, a couple museums, and eating my first real Catalan dinner out at a restaurant.  Next week there is a lot coming up... wine tasting event, cooking lessons, and then the IES study field trip to Valencia, Spain.  I will post more about those events next time.  Until then, here are some photos from my first week in Barcelona! [gallery link="file"]


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  1. “Me encanta Barca”… Actually it’s not correct, because Barca is wrote as Barça (with a broken c, you guys out there don’t have it on the keyboard), but if you write down “Barça”, you’re referring to the football team (I’ve been living all my life in Barcelona and haven’t ever hear anyone referring to it as Barça).

    So, the correct title is “Me encanta Barcelona” or “M’encanta Barcelona” also if you prefer it in catalan (Barcelona’s original language)

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