Is this real life? Spring Break: Part IIBarcelona, Spring 2012

Last time I blogged I was flying back to Barcelona from a long weekend in Tenerife.  I had about 10 hours to re-group before getting in a taxi to start the second half of my spring break.  Basically what I am saying is that there was no time for sleep that night!  Our destination this time around was Italy.  The first stop was to a little city called Bologna.  I would describe it as an Italian college town.  There is not much site seeing there but tons of restaurants, bars, and stores.  My roommate and I spent half a day there before taking the train into Florence.  It was the perfect amount of time to see this cool and unique city. We spent the next two days in Florence.  I loved it there!  I had never been to Italy prior to this trip and I can honestly say I've fallen in love with it (after Barcelona of course).  The food was amazing… literally.  I ate pizza every single day and was not sick of it by the time I left.  I think my waistline is thanking me right about now that I didn’t choose to spend an entire semester in Italy!  We only had a limited amount of time in Florence so we tried our best to touch upon a mixture of activities.  Some of the sites we visited were the Duomo, the Bell Tower, Piazza Signoria, and the Basilica of Santa Croce.  Of course as three girls in Florence, which is known for its leather and gold, we had to do some serious shopping.  We went through the leather markets probably three times and made our way across the Ponte Vecchio, also called the "Old Bridge."  This was loaded with jewelry stores that sold everything in beautiful gold.  Just to be incredibly American we also made a special stop at Pizzeria O’Vesuvio to see where the Jersey Shore cast worked and did some major damage during their time in Italy.  I will say that the pizza was phenomenal so the trip was definitely worth the food too! The last part of our trip took us along the Amalfi Coast for a long weekend.  We had high hopes that we could wear our swimsuits and spend lots of time on the beach.  Unfortunately the weather was pretty awful.  We went to the island of Capri on our first day there.  Luckily this was the only nice day we had in Italy.  Capri was gorgeous – the water is so clear you can see the bottom of the ocean even where it is extremely deep.  There are numerous grottos and we were able to see them on a boat tour we took around the island.  The city itself is cute and offers breathtaking views of the Italian coastline.  The next day we went to Positano, which is another Italian city completely situated on a cliff.  It was still awesome even in the pouring rain and I definitely want to return.  Side note: I thought I would try my hardest to avoid spending a mere 5 Euro on an umbrella.  Instead I wore a legitimate garbage bag over my body and head.  If it is raining... just buy the umbrella!  We also spent one day in the city of Pompeii and then climbed up Mount Vesuvius, the volcano that destroyed it.  How many people can say they climbed up the side of volcano?  It was pretty cool to say the least.  However, doing it in shorts and flip flops?  Stupid and not so cool.  We finished off the trip in Naples where we stopped for what is considered “the best pizza in the world.”  I would have to say it was not the best I have eaten this week but it was still delicious. I cannot believe my 12 days of spring break are over.  I also just officially completed my last trip with my friends while abroad.  It is scary how fast these four months have gone by and I am starting to get extremely sad it is coming to an end.  I have made some of the best friends and memories here and cannot wait to get back to Barcelona to enjoy my final three weeks there! [gallery link="file"]
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