Is this real life? Spring Break: Part IBarcelona, Spring 2012

¡Hola!  I am currently blogging in the airplane on my way back to Barcelona after spending the past five days in the Canary Islands.  I’ve decided to blog about the places I visit during our spring break because it literally entails 12 days of travel!  This trip is bittersweet.  The sweet part?  In this 12-day span I will have been to 9 different cities.  The bitter part?  Spring break is officially my last scheduled trip with my friends while abroad.  I cannot even believe spring break is already here.  The first half has been unreal and I am extremely excited to see what the next week has in store for me. My two roommates and I decided to have a “real” spring break… aka we desperately wanted to relax, drink, eat, and lay out all day at a pool.  For these reasons we chose to travel to the island of Tenerife and stay at an all-inclusive hotel.  Tenerife is such a cool island.  It has numerous mountains and is home to one of the largest volcanoes called Mount Teide.  I was surprised Tenerife was not a lush and tropical island but rather resembled a desert with tons of cacti, rocks, and dirt.  The weather was a little weird.  The clouds would stick around until we returned from lunch and then finally clear out for the remainder of the day.  Normally I would not be happy with the weather if it prevented me from getting a nice tan!  However, the sun must be super strong in Tenerife because I somehow managed to get a few painful sunburns.  The hotel was perfect for our purposes… although it was not 5-star status we still paid very little and had a great time.  The food definitely was better than my typical meal of cereal or scrambled eggs back at the apartment in Barcelona.  We even made friends with the entertainment crew at the hotel!  They were all so nice and took us out at night.  Our last day there we decided to go on a 3-hour catamaran ride around the island.  We saw dolphins, whales, and beautiful views of Tenerife from the water. All in all, I am so happy we made the decision to visit Tenerife.  We had a wonderful time and are completely bronzed and ready for our next destination.  Plus, I can now officially say I went to an island off the coast of Africa!  I think that is absolutely crazy.  Well the seat belt sign has come on and it is time to descend into Barcelona.  I have officially 10 hours to unpack, repack, and leave for the airport.  Next stop?  We are heading to Italy where we start in Florence then make our way along the Amalfi Coast before coming home.  Like I said before… is this real life?! [gallery link="file"]
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