Este es la VidaBarcelona, Spring 2012

This weekend I traveled to Valencia, Spain for the mandatory IES field trip.  Personally I think any “mandatory” field trip to visit and explore a new location is a pretty sweet deal.  Valencia is only a four-hour bus ride down the coast of Spain but it differs in so many ways from Barcelona.  Valencia is an old city decorated with antique architecture whereas Barcelona is very modern. IES had us start our weekend off with a trip to the Torres Vineyards to see the vineyards themselves, learn more about wine, and of course taste test!  In Valencia we had a bus and walking tour of the city where I was able to see the beautiful cathedral and other important landmarks.  I even came across “Cupcakes Valencia” and had literally the best “mini” cupcake ever.  We also went to the Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias, which had an Oceanographic Museum, and saw all sorts of marine life.  The best part though was the dolphin show outside… I felt like I was 10 years old and back at Sea World – it was awesome!  On our drive back to Barcelona we stopped in Tarragona, Spain and had a tour of the ancient Roman ruins that still exist within the newly constructed city.  This was by far my favorite part of the weekend. Not only did we see some amazing sites but also were introduced to a few different traditional Spanish dishes… paella, calcotada, and horchata.  I must confess I am not a fan of paella, which I think is kind of a sin here in Spain!  While I may not be a fan of their cuisine, I can say with 100% certainty I love Spain more everyday.  As I start traveling to all the wonderful places within Spain and Europe, I become more obsessed with my new life here.  It is so weird to think I’ve been here for three weeks already.  The time is flying by and I want it to slow down ASAP. I wish I could sit and write for hours about all the new experiences and friends I’ve encountered here.  Unfortunately I have to keep reminding myself I’m technically on a study abroad (aka I have homework that I can’t completely forget about)!  I will say finding the motivation to study is a tad hard when you have so many places to see, things to do, and friends to meet.  My parents keep telling me they have a hard time feeling sorry for my situation… and yes they are probably right! ~ Kiersten [gallery link="file"]  
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