Cya BarcaBarcelona, Spring 2012

I've realized the saying “all good things must come to an end” is so true and at the same time incredibly depressing.  This is especially true for anybody living in amazing city like Barcelona for four months.  The semester has finally ended.  I am currently still in Barcelona with my family who arrived on Saturday.  While I was incredibly excited to see them, their arrival meant it was time to say goodbye to the new friends I have made here.  I cannot believe it actually is over. I chose to stay in Barcelona the last two weeks of the semester rather than travel.  Basically this was like a repeat of my first two weeks here.  My friends and I crammed everything imaginable into this time frame.  I watched the sunset at the top of Montjuic Mountain before heading down to Plaza Espanya for the magic fountain show.  Obviously we had to embrace the Barcelona nightlife as much as possible before returning to reality where staying out until 6 a.m. on a “Loco Lunes” is not socially acceptable.  The best cheap eats I have ever had in my life will always have a special place in my heart (and stomach!).  If you are reading this and study in Barcelona you must visit La Champaigneria, Bo De B, and Zahara.  I am sure somebody will inform you of these total study abroad student favorites but don’t waste time – visit them early!   Lastly, I soaked up some rays and relaxed on the beach.  Oh... and of course I needed to study for IES final exams too! The final two weeks of school were a little hectic.  Papers, exams, and presentations are difficult to put the effort into when there is so little time left to enjoy Barcelona.  However, I managed and I think everybody else in IES did too.  I also had to move out of my apartment and say goodbye to my awesome RA.  It has been strange staying in a different apartment in Barcelona with my family rather than the one I considered my “temporary” home.  I am excited to travel for two more weeks before returning to the United States.  My family and I are visiting Rome this week.  I intend to eat pizza and gelato until I roll out of the country!  The following week my mom and I ditch my brother and dad.  We are heading to Istanbul, Turkey for a unique and fun experience.  We eventually fly back to Barcelona where we leave for Detroit, Michigan the next day.  I will have about 15 hours to try and see all my favorite things before officially saying goodbye.  I cannot imagine what going home will be like.  I am already missing my friends, the memories, and Barcelona.  Next time I write it will likely be from my kitchen counter – so weird!  Like I said before, all good things come to an end eventually. Cya Barca... thanks for the best four months of my life!  
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  1. I’m so glad to hear you had a great time with us. I’ve really enjoyed reading your blogs throughout your semester abroad. It’s wonderful to see a student making so much of their time here and enjoying every minute.

  2. Thanks Jane! I am so sad to be back in the USA – I would do anything to come back. Already trying to plan another trip abroad after graduation… maybe I will see you again soon!

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