Back in the USABarcelona, Spring 2012

Five short months ago I wrote my first blog expressing all my excitement, nervousness, and uncertainty about the experience I was embarking upon.  I write my final blog from my kitchen counter back at my house in Michigan. I am surprised how quickly I have fallen back into my daily routine… it is almost like I never left.  All the things I thought would be so weird to return to are coming back to me naturally.  For starters, I was honestly so nervous to drive after not touching a steering wheel in four months.  Luckily no crashes yet!  All of my favorite foods are stocked up in my fridge.  I am spending tons of time trying to catch up on all the television shows and celebrity gossip I missed since leaving.  It has been really nice seeing all my friends and family too.  Like I mentioned earlier… it is almost like I never left. And then little things come my way reminding me of the amazing time I had studying abroad in Barcelona.  Literally every time I turn on the radio I am flushed with memories.  I will never listen to “Feel So Close” without thinking about singing it at the top of my lungs while my roommate and I ran all the way back to the hostel (freezing cold and with skis on our back) in Switzerland after missing the last bus of the night.  “Good Feeling” puts me back in the nightclubs dancing until sunrise with all my new best friends.  Our theme song for the trip and I guess this stage in our life – “Young, Wild, and Free” – puts a smile on my face still. The thousands of pictures I took abroad are now my screensaver and fill my laptop screen on a daily basis.  I have more stories than I can even keep straight.  I figure not many of my friends back home want to hear them all because they just cannot understand how much I loved my time in Europe.  There are only two people I share almost every story and photograph with whether they want to see and hear them or not… my parents.  Although some stories definitely are better left unsaid! I already miss my apartment in Barcelona.  My roommates and R.A. were awesome and I will never forget them.  While I love American coffee, I miss walking down the street to the little bakery where the same ladies took my order every morning. Of course I miss all the wonderful people I met too.  It is weird how close you get to the people around you while abroad.  I feel like I have known some of them my entire life and am positive we really will stay friends forever. Basically I reflect on studying abroad and can truly say it has been the best experience.  It should be a prerequisite to life because it was not just fun but literally life changing.  I am sad it is over so quickly but has made me want to try new and adventurous things.  Canton, Michigan is simply not going to cut it after living in Barcelona… good thing I just found out I will be moving to New York City for a summer internship!  Thanks for everything Barca baby – cya sometime soon : )  
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