Well, here it goesMilan, Spring 2010

My first blog post and I'm leaving tomorrow. My first bit of advice as your trustworthy blogger you ask? Don't pack at the last minute. Have I received this advice before? Yes. Did I listen? Eh, not so much. However, after a lengthy day of procrastinating, staring confused at my empty bags and large piles, and a rather odd assortment of errands, I finally did it... well mostly. So here I am with my (basically?) packed bags about to enjoy my last sleep in my own bed, in my own house, and... well... in my own country. And I'm not going to lie, I'm kind of freaking out. I'm definitely excited, I mean it is Italy after all, and in the last week or so whenever I need to explain to strangers (not in a weird way, like a doctor or a salesperson at a store) what I'm doing they get wide eyed and excited for me, so how could I not be? But freaking out is a definite portion of the equation. As someone who thoroughly enjoys planning (I admit it) having no idea what to expect is a rather daunting. At this point, however, there's not much more I can do but just go. So here it goes? See you across the ocean.
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  1. Ohh packing procrastination. It’s a part of the experience right? Just means you’ll be forced to buy an Italian tube of toothpaste…or phone charger. :)

    My name is Sarah, I’m a student at Lawrence Univ. in Appleton WI, and I’m considering the Milan program for Fall 2010. I hope you’ll keep posting about your experience, and best of luck with the term– I’m sure it’ll be a blast!

  2. Ciao Kelly! I always packed the night before I left for Italy, too. Have a great semester! I’ll be looking forward to reading your blog entries.

    In bocca al lupo!

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