Tourist sans fanny packMilan, Spring 2010

This past weekend one of my roommates had a friend from home visit, so I spent the weekend exploring the touristy points of Milan, many of which, even after two months, I still had yet to see. On Saturday I met the two of them outside Milan’s duomo, a huge, beautiful cathedral in central Milan. I’d been there before several times, my roommates and I even went to mass there one weekend just to see it, however, one of the most popular tourist points of Milan is to climb to it’s top. Literally, everyday for the first month that we were here someone would say, “We should go to the top of the duomo soon” and we never would, so I was excited to go do it once and for all. It costs 4 euro to climb up and it was actually less of a trek than I expected. The climb leads you to two different levels and allows you to see, up close, the amazing architecture and look over the piazza, a big square surrounded by great shopping ;)

After that we got panzerotti, a food similar to a calzone with a doughnut like dough on the outside and cheese, sauce, or meat on the inside. During IES orientation we took a tour of Milan and this famous panzerotti bakery was one of our stops. I believe panzerotti originated in Milan, and let’s just say I’m in love. So after eating what I’ve concluded all Italian food equates to: carbs and cheese, we walked over to where the people who must just not eat are: the golden quadrangle. The golden quadrangle is a series of streets where all the major designers in Milan have their stores. Armani, Gucci, Prada, Valentino, every designer you could imagine has a store here and (pretty cool fact) across the street from Valentino is also my internship! All the stores are pretty elaborate and great for window shopping/daydreaming. I also love to people watch the amusing mix of glamorous Milanese people that can actually shop here and groups of tourists taking peace sign pictures outside of the stores. And I’ve even seen photo shoots going on a couple times.

The next day we became true Milanese people and went to an AC Milan (why yes that is David Beckham’s team J ) soccer game! We got some cheap seats waaay up high and acted like we’d been hardcore soccer fans for life. It was a great time and definitely a necessary European experience, a great tourist spot when you’re craving something sans fanny packs, not that anyone in Milan wears fanny packs but you know what I mean.

I figured this would be a good post to add some pictures to so I can illustrate all this touristy fun. Here’s a link to some pictures I took of most of the places I talked about, enjoy!

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  1. Loved this post! I especially enjoyed the comparison of Italian food to Italian people who seemingly must eat somewhere else. Or maybe they just burn it off during those rowdy soccer games!

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