The pronoun is stressed outMilan, Spring 2010

Okay so this title isn't one hundred percent relevant just an amusing quote from my Italian teacher trying to explain stressed and unstressed pronouns to us. But, the stressed out part is relevant! It's midterms time here and everyone seems to be feeling the pressure, probably because we all just got accustomed to the fact that we actually have to learn while we're here. My weeks have been a bit long lately. I have a full day of classes Mondays and Thursdays and Tuesdays and Wednesdays I  have one class and my internship the rest of the day. Add weekend trips on top of that and you get very little sleep and not much time for that whole homework thing. Not to mention my apartment is like the abyss of procrastination. I somehow manage to spend hours upon hours there accomplishing absolutely nothing (outside of skype calls and facebook stalking) and feeling no motivation to do so. But we'll all get through it I'm sure. None of my exams seem like they'll be too bad and I have two weekends in Milan before spring break to catch up on some sleep! At Ithaca, it is required that all students who study abroad attend a seminar before they leave. And one of the things we were shown was a diagram that was supposed to demonstrate the ups and downs, the roller coaster of emotions you'll feel while abroad. Apparently almost every school requires this and has some version of this roller coaster diagram. So, whenever someone here says something negative we all respond with "You know I think your on the down hill of your roller coaster right now..." and maybe this is a you-had-to-be-there type deal but it always illicit a laugh and brings everyone back up. So, we all may be feeling the downhill of our hypothetical roller coaster right now but luckily there's always an uphill waiting at the end.
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  1. Great post. Funny that you mention the roller coaster of emotions because IES Abroad actually has a graph depicting this on their website:

  2. Haha how funny, no wonder everyone knows it!

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