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I feel as though I have just begun but alas, we have come to my last post. After three flights and almost 20 hours of traveling I made it back to the land of people who speak English. I've been home a few days now and, honestly, outside of some jet lag I feel like I never left. I've slipped pretty comfortably back into my regular life but with some amazing new experiences under my belt. I thought I would have a harder time getting re-accustomed to life in the States but maybe I'm just in the so-called honeymoon stage. Or, even more possible, maybe life abroad was just amazing to the point of ridiculousness. Whatever the reason, my post departure wisdom is simple: if you can go abroad, do it. These past five months have been a crazy ride. There was definite challenge, even though I was living with Americans and in a Western country I still had to work outside my comfort zone. I was in a foreign country where I didn't speak the language with no one I'd ever met before. Basic activities like going to the post office or running errands were ordeals that had to be well thought out. However, in comparison to the pros of going abroad these were small prices to pay and I think they simply helped make me a more independent person. Before coming to Milan, I had only been out the country one time and it was nothing like this experience. I got to do more traveling in these five months than I have done in my entire life and I met so many new people. In my mind I can't even fathom why someone who has the ability to go abroad wouldn't do it because it is literally a once in a lifetime opportunity. I will miss a lot about Milan and this experience as a whole. I hope I can continue traveling because one the many realizations I had this semester was that I would love to see it all. Everywhere I went opened my eyes in some way and places I never considered became places I was dying to go. So? If you have the opportunity, go there.  You won't regret it.
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