I made it… eventuallyMilan, Spring 2010

I finally managed to get everything packed (miraculously) and I woke up a bit nervous but ready to go. I put on my predetermined travel outfit only to find my dad waiting to tell me about some sort of power outage at the airport... We turned on the news and heard, “Lead story: massive power outage at the Cleveland airport, thousands of travelers stranded, hundreds of flights cancelled.” Lovely. I checked online and my Cleveland to Chicago flight was cancelled. My dad and I just stared at each other, I couldn’t leave any later than my scheduled flight or I’d miss my connection, and it was too late to drive to Chicago. So we started calling airlines and airports. After painful amounts of hold music and foreign operators it was determined that my best bet was just to leave the following day. It was quite the downer. I was happy to have another day at home but at the same time I was ready to go, I mean after all I was wearing my predetermined travel outfit. I spent the night utilizing my extra time and the next day I was off to the airport.

I’d flown alone before but once I left the US it was quite an experience. I flew into Frankfurt after an 8 or 9 hour, fairly uneventful, flight and only had one hour before my next departure. I had to go through both customs and security, and my gate was so. far. away. I was half running, kind of sweating, and got there only to realize it wasn’t right gate. After a slight airport breakdown, I was able to find someone who spoke English (slightly) to help me, and I got to my flight just in time.

Frankfurt to Milan was an easy flight and I even managed to get some sleep before we landed in Milan. IES gave us directions explaining how to get from the airport to the IES center, which involved taking a train and then a taxi. This seems simple, however, let us remember that I am in an Italian airport and don’t speak Italian. It took me half hour of wandering around (with massive luggage) before I was able to find the ticket office. I followed signs to the stop and waited. It took a man and woman who spoke neither English nor each other’s languages before I realized that this was not it. I went back to the ticket office where I received a strange look and a: “Why are you still here?” I responded with, “I have no idea” and he pointed me in the right direction, where I had to wait another half hour. After all that and a quick train ride, I made it to Milan’s city center. I found a taxi easily (conversing with the driver, not so easy) and then promptly started drooling over my first glimpses of the gorgeous city and all the amazing shopping. All right Milan, you were worth it.

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  1. Hey Kelly,
    It’s great to find out what’s been going on with you. Do we ever get to see any pictures? Sounds like everything is pretty wonderful so far (this from your mom). Enjoy. Love Aunt Elaine

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