The View of London from IndianaLondon, Summer 2011 - UK Today Program

In the few short days I have been home, my vocabulary has changed. I no longer say “I’m from the U.S.” ten times a day. Instead, I say, “Yeah, I was going to school in London! It was great!” Instead of meeting people for the first time and asking where they go to school and where they are from, I am asking my best friends about details of their lives from the last two months. Instead of asking whether it is going to rain during the day, I ask whether it is supposed to be under a hundred degrees or not. I need to know if there is gas in the car, not what Tube line to take. I just can’t believe the experiences I have had in London.  I was absolutely amazed as I was in Westminster Abbey, hanging out in pubs, and seeing where Virginia Woolf lived.  Now that I am home, I treasure these memories even more.  Suburban Indiana just isn’t quite the same as Chelsea.  Not that either place is better or worse. There is just no comparison, even though I keep trying. My experiences are so valuable because of how I understand them.  The cultural differences between London, the U.K., and England and Indiana, Lawrenceburg, and the United States are what make me appreciate the composition of all of these places even more than before I left. I don’t feel like my trip is over.  I don’t think you can ever visit a place and feel like you saw everything that contributes to the cultures. Not to mention, I keep discovering the value of my experiences when I compare them to my typical life.  People have always been different, places in the world have always been different, but now I feel like I can identify some of the things that make us individuals more easily. With a well-deserved cup of slow-roasted coffee in hand.
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