I’m studying LONDON, isn’t that enough?London, Summer 2011 - UK Today Program

It’s easy to forget about the “studying” part of studying abroad. One of the most important things to me when I was looking into international study was how the credit would transfer to my school, what classes I would be taking, and how much time I would be spending working (don’t judge, you know it’s important). But then I got to London and school became more of a useful way of organizing my day than the kind of consuming force it is while I’m at school in Bloomington.  It’s easy to lose motivation for that mid-term paper when your class is meeting for the day at the National Portrait Gallery or the Benjamin Franklin House. And my (awesome) attention span can’t even be helped by the fact that my classes are actually interesting.  Sure, they’re a bit long (two-and-a-half hours, holy moly) but we never really run out of things to talk about.  One of my classes usually has a typical group discussion format with a few field trips thrown in.  But the instructor is engaging, we get a break, and I usually enjoy the direction of our discussions.  My other class is about architecture so we spend almost all of every class out about the town looking at examples of the instructor’s topics for the day.  We see parts of London that I probably would not have encountered on my own, such as the business and suburban districts. But then when class is over, I’m a little more worried about where I’m going sightseeing than that pervasive final paper.  I mean I prepare for class, but not exactly before it is absolutely necessary. Which makes me feel really guilty! …Just not quite guilty enough to give up my little adventures. So I guess I’m just glad that I picked classes that appeal to me and not just ones that fulfill requirements.  I think it would be really unbearable to give up any time at all on this trip to research a paper that means nothing to me. But I know I have to make time for the major assignments, so I’m giving up my night out tonight to work on a few papers and read a novel.  Which I am obviously dedicated to completing right this very minute and am not dragging…my feet…at all…
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