But, its summer! – 24/11Buenos Aires, Fall 2010

Every time I’ve written a date in the past couple of weeks I do a double take. The 11 just doesn’t look right. It means November, which means almost the end of the year, which means cold. But I’m rocking a sunburn and haven’t worn a jacket it months. For the most part, being in the Southern Hemisphere hasn’t fazed me. At first the cold in August was a bit surprising, but it wasn’t terribly cold and the feeling of being off didn’t last long. Even as it started to get warmer in October it just felt like fall was lasting a little long. But as November draws to a close, the 80-degree weather is throwing me off. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, the official start to the Holiday season, and though they don’t celebrate it here, it’s definitely that time of year. But the other thing is, as Christmas decorations go up, it just doesn’t make sense. Evergreen trees covered in cotton to simulate snow. Santa figurines dressed in heavy suits with long beards. Snowmen. All of the holiday decorations here are taken straight from Europe so they all still have to do with it being cold, only its not. My Spanish professor said that it’s not uncommon to have a Christmas tree in the patio next to the pool. I think also as I think about heading home where it is getting to be quite cold, the bizarreness of it all just sinks in more and more. This year, Hannukah starts very early, and I will be spending half of it in Buenos Aires, so I get the best of both worlds. Four nights of summer and four of winter, but oh what it will do to my head.
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