La Vita LocaMilan, Spring 2011

No, I am not quoting the song by Ricky Martin, so far the time I have spent here (and yes I am completely losing track) has gone by so fast because nothing has paused. We arrive, we go to orientation meetings, we start Italian classes, and just as soon as we start getting settled, they come. What are "they" you ask. Well, to be honest I am not completely sure if I can put it on the internet. Therefore, I ask you to trust me that it was fairly bad. That is, bad enough we had to evacuate our apartment. Yes, that bad. Then, lest we forget, we have Italian class, and I am personally sick along with my companions. I have become either lost to someone or am personally lost 3 times within less than a week. Obviously, I am fine, but getting lost in the freezing cold and having already been feeling sick, it was not good. Luckily, IES is a loving and caring organization that took care of us, and if they made a mistake, they fixed it. It has all been terribly inconvenient, but the people at IES have taken care of us, and made sure we were happy. Thanks to all those who took care of us.
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