A more thorough affairMilan, Spring 2011

So, since my health is back up to par, we are back in our apartment, and the fog of Milan is no more occupying my mind, I feel it is time to give all of you a more thorough explanation of everything that has been going on since our arrival. There have been many more events than the one previously blogged about that have been the highlight of my stay thus far, and will be forever the mundane, yet sweet, moments of my stay here. As soon as I land, I grab my bags, get on a train, and then once in Milan take a taxi to my apartment. Having had stayed in various European hotels and having have seen infamous photos of the small apartments in Europe, one could imagine my immense surprise at the size of my apartment. For, it is huge. It is probably about the size of my house back in Oklahoma. But, not only is it a nice size, it is nice in general. Wood and marble floors over the entire apartment, and real tile in the bathrooms. Also, it is not just normal tile, it is actually decorative. There is actually room to move. I was not expecting that, at all. The most important thing though is that we have a bathtub, an actual bath tub, that has JETS. I meet my lovely room mates: Ashley, Brooke, Jenna, Monica, and Sam. The next day we go to orientation meetings, then that night IES treats all of us to a night at the spa. Now, this is not the "spa" where you get your nails done, maybe a wax of something.... No, this is a legitimate spa, where you put on your white fuzzy robe and relax in the various "water rooms". These rooms have various types of water related activities that are good for the body for a number of reasons. One room has huge waterfalls, very realistic too. Then the rain beds, where you lay down and turn on the water and it is as if you are laying in the middle of a rain storm, but the water is warm. My personal favorite part, besides the free wine, was the water beds. These water beds were warm and the room was blacked out while there was an aquatic light show on the ceiling. I fell asleep. My favorite part of the first week I would have to say was the appertivo. For those of you who don't know, appertivo is this fabulous thing where you buy one drink then you have access to an array of delicious finger foods. It is what I do for dinner. My favorite place that i have been to so far is called Noon. Sure, the drinks are about 9 euros, but the food is so delicious, and one can eat as much as one wants. We went to an appertivo in a place called Bar Tender. Yes, the name is cute, but the pasta was horrible, and in my eyes, bad pasta in Italy is just ethically wrong, it should be considered a mortal sin, and to many it is. I am so happy to have musicians here. We jammed one day after a music meeting we had and it was so much fun. We improvised, we had a real pianist that could read my lead sheets, it was perfect. It is so nice to be in a new creative environment that you have to explore and feel out. It is like trying out a new mattress and finding where you are comfortable. I will be writing more later and am trying very hard to figure out how to make my videos be more interesting with editing techniques etc. So until then, which I assure you will be very soon, I'll be seeing you, Kat
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  1. Thanks for writing about your experience: it’s inspiring.

  2. It’s so good to read your blog. Your “voice” is so strong, I am smiling and crying at the same time. I will miss seeing your happy face pop into my room, but if I can continue to access your blog, I’ll be able to see it then. You have a roommate named Monica…that’s kismet. Monica

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