Around the UniFreiburg, Academic Year 2008-09

For my internship, I get to go out and either film, or take pictures... weather permitting. It certainly has been very gloomy these past few weeks, with only a few exceptional days of sunshine. On one of these days I got to go out and take pictures around the university.

University life and students in general are so different here. We had a dinner night with all of the remaining year-long students here in Freiburg, and we were discussing the differences. One was that students here, are here to learn. And the title "student" here is something very prestigious. In the US, it's somewhat easy to get into college, and here, you have be the top of the top.

On one side, it's great. Think how much you could learn if everyone around you was 100% into learning? But me, I miss the average Joe. I miss the frat boy sitting next to me in German decked out in Greek apparel. I miss college sports and Hope pride! Here, there isn't really any pride for the University, not in comparison to back home anyways. It's a great learning experience here, and an eye opening one at that.

I'm backpacking for the next month and a half. So my next 5 posts will probably be from outside of Germany. Hope you don't mind :)

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