Taking the Good With the BadSalamanca, Spring 2011

Hello all! When my family (namely my sister) started a sort of countdown until I get home, I found myself very confused. Very, very...perplexed. I only have 23 days left in Europe, which is obviously the devastating part. At the same time, however, I'm beyond excited to be home and see everyone (and celebrate my 21st birthday three days after I get home). Something bad, and something good. This got me thinking – everything here is bittersweet; it's a combination of things I love with the things I could do without. Most of the things I could do without are petty, though, so there's the bright side :) Examples: Bad: Pants may not fit. Good: This is due to my host mom's unnaturally good cooking. Bad: Classes sometimes hard because taught in Spanish. Good: Duhrr. Learning Spanish. Bad: Went horseback riding with IES. Pants ripped on fence (I seem to be having a lot of pants problems, don't I?). Good: Cut pants and now have fabulous shorts, which I haven't been able to find in stores anywhere. Bad: Money is dwindling. Good: It was always worth it. Bad: Didn't make it to every city in Spain that I wanted to go to. Good: Great excuse to come back! Bad: In 23 days, will be leaving behind all of my friends (and new family!) here. Good: Will have friends and acquaintances and places to stay alllll over the United States (and world!). Bad: Won't be home for Easter with the family for the first time. Ever. Good: Will be spending Spring Vacation traveling with friends through Europe. So there you have it. This list could go on and on and on and on, but I don't want to bore you. So please excuse me as I run off to pack for my big trip. I leave tomorrow, and I'll be gone for twelve days. Destination? Glad you asked. First stop is Rome. Then hop up to Venice. Cruise on over to Patras (literally...I'm going on a cruise. First time. In the Mediterranean). Skip on to Athens. Plop my butt on the beach. Fly up to Geneva (where I will spend a thirteen-hour layover roaming the streets, homeless-style). Home. Wish me luck. And I hope everyone else is enjoying their weeks! Don't work too hard :) And if you do, just remember to think of something good that comes out of it! Because as we learned today, boys and girls, there is always something good with the bad.
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