Right on TimeBuenos Aires, Spring 2011

Signing up for classes is always a stressful predicament.  Every semester I frantically look for the classes with the right times and the right teachers, trying to find gen. ed's that will also count toward my major.  Although I did not need to sign up for my classes as early as everyone else this semester, I still could not escape the anxiety.  My school understood that I would not sign up for my classes officially until I got to Buenos Aires, but they still wanted a preliminary registration form filled out to make sure the classes that I was interested in taking would fulfill the requirements for my major.  So I looked on the IES website, found some interesting classes, had my advisor look over them, and turned in the form feeling satisfied and excited (especially for the "how tango shaped Argentine culture" class). However, when I filled out IES's preliminary registration form online, the tango class disappeared! I felt the anxiety speeding toward me like a train as I checked and re-checked the list of offered classes.  What was I going to tell my advisor (whom I practically had to chase down to get him to sign my form)? What class would count toward my culture requirement for my major? Should the internship seminar count for one of my first three choices or for my alternate class? As I tried to fill out the form as best as I could, I couldn't help feeling frustrated that IES evidently hadn't updated their course list before I needed to turn in my college's form. Why can't everyone work around my schedule! Then I had to remind myself that I couldn't blame IES for this. It is not IES's fault that my school had an earlier deadline.  In fact, all of this doesn't really matter because it is all preliminary and not permanent, and I will choose whatever classes I want to take when I get to Argentina. Coming from Chicago, I have become used to a very fast-paced lifestyle.  As my soccer coach says, "To be early is to be on time.  To be on time is to be late.  To be late is unacceptable." So not having updated information exactly when I want it, for me, can be extremely aggravating.  However, this whole dilemma has reminded me to look at the bigger picture.  Although in Chicago I tend to live in fast-forward, the rest of the world does not necessarily stick to the same daunting schedule. Some people like to linger after finishing a meal.  They have no problem showing up to a meeting half an hour late.  So although I will probably still be paranoid about being on time while in Buenos Aires, I will have to remember not to get angry or frustrated if things do not go according to my plan. In the meantime, I will try to not stress too much about classes, packing, or small details like where I will be living next semester.  Instead, I will be going to Costa Rica with my soccer team for a week. (Yay, vacation!) But since it is my coach who is taking us, I better show up on time.


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  1. The only time you need to be aware of is having a great time! Love you lots. Have a blast!

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