Im Augenblick: A Stop-Motion/Light Paint FilmFreiburg, Academic Year 2009-2010

Trish, Jess, and I finally finished up our stop-motion/light art film for Dr. Leithold's intro to film-making course at IES. I'm not actually sure how long the whole project ended up lasting, but it's definitely nice to be done. We took more than 1,100 pictures, none of which were digitally manipulated in after effects. Just about every picture was a 15-30 second exposure. I guess we knew what we were getting ourselves into when we took on the project of making a few minute short film of this nature, and although it was a little stressful at times, on the whole it was still a lot of fun. I thought it would be fun to post a few of the "in the process of making the film" pictures, so you could all get an idea of what it actually looked like when we were flashing the little light stencils, or how much stuff we actually built/lugged into jess' flat to do that scene at the end: [gallery link="file"] I hope you got a decent idea of what went into making our little film. So without further ado, here it is: Enjoy!!
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  1. Thanks for all the comments! We definitely had a good time putting the film together. All the better that others enjoy the final product too! I’m going to miss always having such a good excuse to run around and make crazy pictures when this blog is done.

  2. Great job,
    It is nice to see the back story, the behind the lens.
    I look forward to meeting you this summer when we are at your cabin together.

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